Our sailboat, Galaxie is the heart of Joves Navegants Charity and as such needs a regular refit programme in order to keep her heart-beating. This year, 2020, she needs renewed rigging and sails and we have designed a brand-new “Refit Campaign” so that everyone who wants to help can do so by contributing their “grain of sand”.

Our dream target is 60,000 euros which will allow the complete renewal of all the rigging and new sails. We already have several companies, The Rigging Point, Doyle Sails, Oyster who have committed to donating time and parts and these amounts will be deducted from the total as donations.

We invite you to become an 
Amigo of Joves Navegants.





¿How will the money be used?

The money received through the GALAXIE: Refit Campaign 2020 will be used in it’s entirety to fund the 2020 sails and rigging refit programme. The detailed estimates are available upon request.