The experience of sailing on Galaxie with a group young people from our centre was hugely beneficial. To watch them develop each day from being individuals to team members was amazing. It provided them with discipline and social skills that will help them fulfil their potential in the future.
Juan Domínguez.
Positive role models helped change negative attitudes and learning to thrive and survive in a very different environment provided the young people with a real sense of achievement and self-esteem

Young people:

If it hadn’t been for JN I don’t know what would have happened to my life and where I would be today. Before going on Galaxie I was always getting in trouble and skipping school, but the experience made me believe in myself and that I could be good at something. I now have my yachting qualifications and a job I love
Víctor Torres
Taking part in Mar de Joves was an unforgettable experience. At the beginning I didn’t like living aboard with the other people, but bit by bit we became a small “family”. JN gave me the opportunity to get to know new people and see parts of the island that I never would have seen before.
Jaime company


o Joves Navegants have been the chosen charity of the Superyacht Cup since 2006. As a well known and popular yachting event in Palma the Superyacht Cup has aimed to help spread awareness of this incredible organisation and raise vital funds to be able to continue their great work. JN has the potential to change young peoples’ lives by introducing them to a new environment, new opportunities for careers and an understanding of teamwork, dedication and training.
Kate Branagh, Event Director