Every year, JN takes around 300 young people from the Balearics to sea for four days of sailing adventures in our sail training yacht Galaxie. Most people come to us with no sailing experience and from a disadvantaged background.

      At the end of their experience onboard Galaxie they will have:

  • Developed a sense of achievement
  • Built their self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Developed leadership and team work skills
  • Demonstrated the value of cooperation over conflict
  • Broadened their horizons outside their day-to-day life

      Our mission is to change the lives of the greatest number possible of young disadvantaged Mallorcans who are at risk of social exclusion. Through our projects related to sailing and living aboard Galaxie, we help them achieve goals and objectives which are real and tangible to them. From this introduction to yachting, many of these young people have gone on to develop a career in the maritime sector and a love of the sea.